Stand Out From The Crowd

Trainers are everywhere these days and it's so hard to stand out from the crowd... but fear not Clarks have certainly delivered with their Trigenic Flex range.

These trainers really are the perfect go to option as it's literally like walking on a cloud... or so I've heard! Even though shorts weather is definitely over these shoes are so versatile and go with practically everything from double denim to all black!

It takes a lot for a shoe to really stand out these days and the brown loop detail on the Trigenic Flex makes sure they look good from all angles (especially from behind as people check out your kicks as you walk away).


  1. No way would I guess these were Clarks! They look great x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

    1. Right? When I first saw them I was surprised...

      They are the most comfortable things EVER! Or so I've been told anyway. x


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