9 Hertford Street

Last weekend I was very spoilt and had the pleasure of staying at the fabulous 9 Hertford Street apartments which really are fit for a Queen. The private residences are based in the heart of Mayfair right around the corner from Green Park but just away from the hustle and bustle that makes them the perfect retreat. 

The best thing about it all, I didn't have to sneak in! The apartments are pet friendly and there was a lovely welcome pack waiting for me with some treats, a toy and a comfy bed... even though I couldn't resist the double.

The rooms have that quaint English charm in a delightful way without seeming outdated and stuffy and every room is decorated slightly differently so if you return you are always set to get a different experience. 


  1. Love how posh this all looks! And that it's doggie-friendly :) x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

    1. Super posh, I was definitely a pampered princess! x


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