Wayfair Wishlist

I could spend hours wandering around a department store lusting over everything... but I'm too lazy for that I'd rather shop online. I'm always on the look out for new interior stores online so if you have any recommendations do let me know! 

One of my favourite online stores at the moment is Wayfair they literally have everything you could ever think of so I thought I'd treat myself to four things from my never-ending wishlist. 

If you are lucky like me and you can spend half your day in bed then you can never have enough bedding... especially if it's Egyptian Cotton. I usually go for something textured or printed to hide my endless shedding fur but I couldn't resist this striped set from Wayfair.

I'm forever double tapping quotes on Instagram and this is by far one of my all time favourites so when I saw it as a print on Wayfair I had to get it... All I can say is ain't that the truth.

I do-nut do plain crockery. (Sassy play on words, check) This Harena 19 Piece Dinnerware set will be perfect for my upcoming dinner party. Don't panic I've not sent out my invites just yet!

Everything in life comes full circle and as I mentioned I spend half of it in bed so this Bed Tray with Book Holder is perfect for those Sunday morning snoozes...


  1. your puppy is the cutest, just look at those eyes!
    Kathy x


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