So as I'm sure you know by now I love to pose so when we got the chance to test the Sony RX100 IV it was a no brainer. We typically shoot with a DSLR camera which of course provides amazing shots but for a compact, click and shoot like the Sony RX100 IV it couldn't be better. It's perfect if you are looking for something that is clutch bag friendly or are constantly on the go.

As every model will tell you it's all about lighting (thats why the Kardashians all have those light up phone cases) and usually bright direct sun light is an issue to shoot in. Not with this Sony RX100 IV as we actually shot these pictures on a bright summer day, yes, one of the three a year.

The camera has some amazing features including high-speed continuous shooting (super handy for prancing pups like me), super slow motion and loads more you can read more here all images were shot on the Sony RX100 IV and slightly edited using VSCO Cam and Facetune on iPhone.

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