Fashion has always been a way people can make a statement as it's a form of self expression.  Whether you want to make a statement about your sexuality, personality or for a cause you believe in fashion is one way to do this. 

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One of the most obvious and popular ways to express this is through a slogan tee as you can quite literally make a statement and stick it on a t-shirt. Every season there seems to be more and more of these t-shirts and whilst some are purely for fashion credentials there are some clothing lines that support charities with a portion of their profits. 

Below are a few things you should check out if you're looking to support a cause or make a statement. 

1) GIRLvsCANCER is a brand launched by the amazing Lauren Mahon who was unable to work during her breast cancer treatment and launched a line of t-shirts aka TIT-TEES. Not only as a means of financial survival but also to raise awareness on the importance of in her words "checking your chebs in a stylish sassy way". You can read more about her story here and below are some of the T-shirts she sells. 25% of GIRLvsCANCER Tit-Tees and ALL money raised from events and brand collaborations are split equally four ways between GIRLvsCANCER Partner charities to help ensure that they are able to keep doing what they do!

You can shop these TIT-TEEs and more here

2) Matalan create a capsule collection every year to raise money for Alder Hey Children's Hospital Charity. (If you've been following me for a while you might remember my Alphabet Scarf from Matalan Alder Hey years ago!) This year it's all about spots and the whole family can get involved even the dogs with mugs, pet onesies, kid's pyjamas there is something for everyone which you can shop here

Stay tuned for a onesie picture coming soon!

3) SELF LOVE BRINGS BEAUTY is the creation of Felicity Hayward who you might remember from this video we did together. In her words "I wanted to create a space for everyone, no matter what size, age, background, gender or sexuality. The media portrays us all to have 'flaws', I don't believe they exist, they are simply a way to make money off our insecurities. I want you to celebrate your beauty, there is only one version of yourself, you should be celebrating your individuality not changing it." She has a clothing collection which you can shop here


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