As I'm always wearing shades over on my Instagram (aka hiding from the paps) I thought I had to share with you my favourite styles for the summer or whats left of it. So whether you are escaping the typical British weather, heading to a festival or planning a staycation and are looking for some new sunnies these might give you some #inspo or if not hopefully you'll enjoy me looking cute (oh so modest) in some SPECtacular sunglasses.

What's the one thing I didn't have in my wardrobe? Well apart from the Hermes birkin, Gucci belt... Oh wrong list? White sunglasses, that's what was missing and I couldn't resist these Gigi Hadid x Vogue Eyewear pair that make me want to scream YASSSSSSS (but all that comes out is woof).

If the Gigi sunnies are a bit out your budget then COME THROUGH Topshop. If you're looking for bold pointy cat eye 90's vibes then these Topshop Polly Cat Eye Sunglasses which are only £20 are the ones. How good would they look with a red baywatch inspired swimsuit?

If like me and could swear you're the missing link from the Hadid family why not channel your inner Gigi with these pastel pink Gigi Hadid x Vogue Eyewear retro 70's aviator inspired sunnies? Is it obvious yet that i'm loving this collection? If someone could tell Gigi's people to call my people and send every colour that would be fab (OK now now back to reality...)

We all know that one girl whose super minimal, low key and subtle right? Well if that isn't you then these Kick It sunglasses from Le Specs might be the ones for you. Whats not to love about a classic tortoiseshell, statement shape with flash purple lenses?

Oh and if you are that girl or guy who is super minimal and low key then these classic Hexagonal Ray-Ban's might just be for you. These are a good investment as you can use them year after year (until someone borrows them and doesn't give them back...)

Last but certainly not least, unless we're talking about price is these Modern Metal Flat Front Sunglasses from zeroUV which are such a bargain at under $7 dollars which is about £5 give or take depending on what Brexit news is announced which seems to control the exchange rate... enough of that I know you're not here for politics.

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