Did I hear someone say treat yourself? No? Just me, well I'm going with it!

I wanted to share with you and any fellow four legged pampered pooches reading this my newest go-to for dinner when I fancy something a little different from the typical dry kibble. That is Freshpet which is available from Tesco. For me Freshpet is the intelligent choice (hence the specs) as it's free of corn, wheat, soy by-products and fillers. Instead Freshpet is exactly what it says on the pack; fresh, real food for dogs (and cats).

If you want to treat your four-legged friend to some fresh, cooked natural pet food (note the food is NOT raw but cooked and refrigerated for freshness). You can find Freshpet in the pet aisle at Tesco in the fridge or if you're like me and prefer to order online the entire selection is available. Or if you prefer to shop in-store head over to the Freshpet website where they have a handy store locator on the home page.

Someone wise once told me the price of Freshpet is the same as a certain caffeinated takeaway beverage... so no excuses not to treat mans best friend (aka us pups). Oh and in case you were wondering my favourite so far is the Chicken and Potato which is packed with vitamins and proteins and 100% complete and balanced.

This post is sponsored by Freshpet. 

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