Topman shirt similar here £19.90, Zara jacket similar here £69.99, Levi jeans £80, ALDO Waylan black boots £95, Ray Ban round sunglasses £143.

M and I decided to check out the Tower of London Remembers installation by ceramic artist Paul Cummins and stage designer Tom Piper. Each of the 888,246 poppies represent a British military fatality during the war. To be honest, I was up for going to Hyde Park for the day, but in the end I'm glad M convinced me to go as it was easily one of the most stunning installations I've seen (and believe you me, I've seen quite a few in my time). 

If I had known we were going to see the poppies I would've told M to ditch the shirt - a bit too "matchy matchy" for my liking. However, after having seen the pictures I wish I would've worn my red bow tie.

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