Can you believe there's less than two weeks to go till Christmas? Me either, time really does goes so quick! If you're anything like my Dad's and leave your Christmas shopping till the last minute then this little round up of bits I'm loving might give you some inspo. 


Before we get into the gift guide what's a gift without the perfect Christmas card? Nothing! I couldn't resist a bit of shameless self promotion but all for a good cause. My Charity Christmas Cards are available to buy here and 20% of profits will go to The Diana Award to help combat bullying in schools. You can read more on why we chose The Diana Award here


One of the best things about Christmas is spending time with loved ones and it's a great time to get your head out of your phone (i'll excuse you if you're looking at my Instagram) and cherish the moment. I find games always bring people together so these two classics from Talking Tables are sure to get the party started. 

Name Game Party Hats - (includes some for you to personalise)
Top Of The Charts - (7 types of games including humming that tune and charades)


Personalised gifts really do make them a little more special, well I think so anyway... so why not treat that special someone to an initial make-up bag and some bits to fill it up. (I'm sure they'll already have more than enough but new beauty bits are never not wanted). 

Tip: If you do get something personalised check delivery dates/cut offs to check it'll arrive in time or put an IOU in a card under the tree - one of my Charity Christmas Cards will do the trick ;)

Large Initial Make Up Bag - (lots of other options also from Next here)
Body Shop selection - British Rose bits & Coconut Collection bits 


Whilst we're talking about make-up I just couldn't not include some sassy make-up brushes and Iconic London never disappoint. It's also safe to say that 2017 has been the year of the highlighter (not the neon yellow felt-tip kind) so if you're shopping for someone who loves to glow then look no further.  

Iconic London: Ultimate Brush Set & Illuminators (4 shades available)


Next up are the all important stocking fillers... This is a great place to earn brownie points and food is a way to a lot of peoples hearts, myself included.

Tip: Christmas is all about sharing memories right? Sharing food doesn't hurt either so pick something you like ;) 

Oreo Gift Box - (exclusive to Next)
Indie Bay - (In their words, a bit like pretzels but better)
Grow Your Own Jalapeno Kit - (what a way to spice up someone's Christmas)


Forget Elf on a shelf, these gifts are perfect for someone to put on their shelf! Sentimental gifts are always super cute so why not gift a pinterest ready picture frame with a treasured memory or a collectors edition of their favourite childhood book? 

 Paperchase photo frame - Pink & Monochrome
The Hundred and One Dalmatians - (Folio Society collector's edition, illustrated by Sara Ogilvie and introduced by Jacqueline Wilson)


Know someone who is totally Disney obsessed? I think we all know at least one and I'm not talking about kids here! If you do then these next few gifts are perfect for them. 

Disney Chip Mug - (keeps selling out but try here or in store at Primark)

(They have lots of other Disney Couture pieces, Disney watches etc - something for everyone)


Sleek, minimal and stylish? Sound like someone you know? Then a chic watch might be the one. 

TIP: If you get a watch with links you want adjusted so they can wear it straight away maybe see if you can compare to an old one. Just make sure to keep a hold of the links in case the size is wrong!

This watch is currently sold out BUT Calvin Klein have tonnes of unisex watches available at


This last gift is one I'm OBSESSED with I mean who can't quote almost every line from the movie? Name me a more iconic film, I dare you... 

Spectrum Collections Full Size Burn Book - (rest of the Mean Girls collection here)  


If you've made it this far then thank you for reading and if you were looking for some inspiration I hope this guide helped! I wanted to add a small disclaimer that both my Dad's have been following a vegan diet for the last six or so months and wanted to make sure everything in this gift guide was suitable for vegans so no animal products and everything is cruelty free. 

Have a lovely Christmas!

Suki x 

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