In case you didn't already know or the hints haven't yet been dropped it's Fathers Day this Sunday so I've put together a selection of bits that I'm sure will get you in the good books, at least for a while anyway! 

First up most Dads love a bit of tech, I know massive generalisation but if you want to treat your Dad to something extra special why not get him the new HTC U11. This smartphone is made entirely out of 3D liquid glass so it's definitely going to give him major bragging rights at the pub. Also if your Dad isn't a techy the phone's Edge Sense technology allows you to control the phone with a simple squeeze of the hand, even to take pictures so wave goodbye to botched family selfies... we all know the ones.

I honestly believe I have gift giving down to a fine art, let me explain. When giving gifts to others always have yourself in the back/forefront of your mind whichever way you want to look at it... I promise it's not selfish (ok maybe slightly). Simply gift something that you would want yourself that you can "borrow" and hopefully the rest is forgotten. This Sony XB10 Extra Bass Portable Wireless Speaker is perfect for those family get togethers, house parties and summer BBQ's (it's water-resistance surface is designed for use indoors and outdoors because lets face it it's England and BBQ's usually end with rain, a food coma or there is always one who has one too many).
Whilst we're talking about booze I couldn't not include these Make Your Own Beer Cookies from Next in my Fathers Day gift roundup. Dad's typically hate reading instructions right? So with this easy to follow recipe surely nothing can go wrong... the same can't be said for flatpack furniture unfortunately. On the other hand if your Dad is more half marathons (real ones not the netflix kind) then why not treat him to a blender? Also another gift you can use yourself, it's a win win. This Blender from Next is super affordable at only £20.
There aren't many brands like Ray-Ban that continue to be universally cool and that have something for everyone, even your Dad no matter what his level of "cool" may be (or thinks it may be). If you're looking for something a little different this Fathers Day then these Hexagonal Ray-Ban's would definitely be up there on my list of recommendations as they have that classic aviator/round feel to them but with a new unique yet super wearable shape. One thing you might not know about Ray-Ban is they have a tool where you can personalise the frames with literally 1000's of options from which shape to frame/lens colour to engraving the possibilities really are endless. You can check it out here (Although if you're reading this guide it might be a little late with delivery but they are definitely worth the wait for something that feels extra special and unique).

Tick Tock... time really is ticking and before you know it it'll be Fathers Day so here's what you need to do 1st finishing reading this post of course and then get down to the shops (or find somewhere with Saturday delivery) if you want to that is, I'm not forcing you too! Is your Dad super classic and you never know what to buy him? Does he own too many ties/pocket squares/cufflinks? Then this Calvin Klein Men's City Chronograph Watch from WatchShop.com (who have 5% off all Fathers Day orders) might just be the one. The watch strap is easily adjustable so no need to worry about the hassle of having links removed and with classic detailing it's sure to become a wardrobe stable for your Dad.


I absolutely love gifts that bring people together, I know super cheesy. If your Dad has a competitive streak then you can't go wrong with this Super Mario Chess set. It's also a collectors edition so if he never opens it, one day it may be worth a fortune.
If you've seen some of my other gift guides then you'll know I can't resist a good gift set. You get what you want and then some other bits thrown in for good measure, it's a win win if you ask me. This Survival Set from ManCave is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin (well not quite Bear Grylls but you get what I meant). The set includes shampoo, face scrub, moisturiser, face wash, shower gel and conditioning style cream put simply everything your Dad will need. Well apart a male friendly fake tan solution, more on that later.

Socks and underwear, I know potentially the most obvious, predictable gift apart from a gift card that you usually get from a distant relative. WRONG! Well if you get them from Happy Socks anyway I mean who doesn't love a pop of a polka dot sock? Although if polka dot isn't your Dad's thing they have a great selection.
"Ice Ice Baby" totally unrelated and off topic but I had to, sorry! I think we can all agree buying perfumes for yourself just isn't the one and I'm sure your Dad would agree. How annoying is it when you run out of your favourite fragrance? So treat your Dad to this new fresh and aromatic Jimmy Choo Man ICE fragrance which has to be of my favourite smells this summer, apart from BBQ's of course. It's definitely worth a spritz on your next trip to Debenhams.
If a family trip to the Algarve is way over the budget for this Fathers Day then fear not, Clarins have the perfect solution. Yes it may be Faux but it's not your typical sock/mit set up with a biscuitty aroma. Instead with the ClarinsMen Self-Tanning Booster all your Dad needs to do is add two/three drops to his normal moisturiser to achieve that post holiday glow.
Is your Dad one in a Million? Sorry, so obvious I know but I couldn't resist the play on words... I couldn't finish this guide without including the classic fragrances One Million and Invictus Intense from Paco Rabanne.


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