Does anyone else love to see what the Pantone colour of the year is? Well this year it's "Greenery" which also works perfectly alongside my current favourite trend; Millennial pink, yes it's a thing if you don't believe me just take a look at these articles on Esquire, Vogue and The Guardian.

It doesn't hurt that Millennial pink also matches my tongue and therefore makes it the perfect accent hue for my living room if I do say so myself. *insert hair flick emoji* Accent colours are the perfect way to joosh/zhush up a room without spending a fortune and yes I did have to Urban Dictionary to check how to spell joosh there. 

Also trends come and go almost as quickly as the seasons so by buying key, statement pieces you can keep up with the Joneses without breaking the bank so when terracotta is the new pink you can just replace a few bits here and there. (I'm totally kidding about terracotta btw but you never know whats next and in the words of Justin Beiber 'Never Say Never'). 

Shop the pieces here:
More Issues Than Vogue Print (Similar) 
Next Pink Vase
Cactus available in-store at Urban Outfitters


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