Next set me a challenge for Easter to style their lovely new Carter Chair. I was so excited by this challenge as I love to watch some 60 minute make over on my days off work and I can't resist a challenge. So I put on my serious specs (I think they make me look smarter) and chose some accessories that I feel really compliment the chair.

I started by injecting a pop of colour, with a statement green shade Soft Velour Cushion, this really adds the wow factor and stands out against the cool grey chair. To compliment this I added a patterned Teal Wooly Twist Cushion, I think the teal looks great with the green, and this cushion adds a nice bit of texture to the overall look.

To complete the look I chose a Patterned Ceramic Vase in the same shade and some adorable Metalic Geo Coffee mugs...

All this decorating and working on my Feng Shui has got this pooch tired...time for a nap. Happy Easter everyone!


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    1. no worries Curtis, sounds like you had a great time!

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