Urbanears £39, Uniqlo Sweater £19.90. 

Urbanears believe in making headphones that feel more like clothes than chromed plastics and I'm totally with them on that. Headphones are an important accessory to consider when putting together an outfit and they have a colour to suit every outfit from neons to pastels... so whether you want to brighten up your day or blend in they have it all. My favourite thing about the headphones apart from the exceptional sound quality is the Zound Plug feature which lets your friend plug in their headphones to yours so you can both listen to the same thing, such a good idea for travelling. So B if you want to listen to Miley with me you can!


  1. These look so good as well as sounding like they're fab quality too! I love how they make it easy to share music with your friends, no more sharing iPod earphones where you just have one each haha x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. Those rad headphones go super well with Suki and the matching phone case!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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